New Enhanced Lamp Improves Performance of ISM20 InfraStake

December 17, 2018 News, InfraStake


InfraStake is a plastic staking technology that uses focused infrared energy to heat and form a plastic boss. For more information on InfraStake, please click here.

Infrared Energy Source

In the InfraStake process, infrared energy comes from a tungsten halogen lamp inside the module. Reflective surfaces inside the module focus the IR energy from the lamp onto a plastic boss to heat it prior to staking. So, the output of the lamp is an important factor in the InfraStake process.

Enhanced Output

ISM20-35W-Enhanced-Lamp-AssemblyExtol has recently introduced a new lamp for the ISM20 InfraStake module. This lamp is 35 W, like its predecessor, but the output is enhanced to provide shorter heat times for a faster InfraStake process. Comparison testing of the new lamp showed a notable reduction in the heat time required to stake a variety of plastic materials and colors.

Testing Results

The results of the testing are summarized in the table below. The testing was completed using test plaques with a 0.13” diameter by 0.13” tall (above the mating surface) solid boss. The process parameters were optimized for each color and material. Some of the materials tested showed more than a 20% reduction in heat time which equates to 1.9 seconds in cycle time savings.


The new ISM20 35 W Enhanced Lamp Assembly is now available for purchase. This lamp will be used for all new and prospective applications. However, the previous 35 W Lamp Assembly will remain available for replacement on existing equipment. If you currently have an InfraStake machine that uses ISM20 modules and would like to upgrade to the new lamp assembly, here's what you can expect:

  • You will likely need to adjust your process settings for the enhanced lamp.
  • The new lamp may reduce your cycle time.

We are more than happy to help you adjust your process if you choose to upgrade. Please contact us to schedule a visit.

How To Tell The Difference

To tell the difference between the previous ISM20 lamp and the new enhanced ISM20 lamp, look at the letters printed on the side. The previous lamp has the letters "ILT" and the new enhanced lamp has "EIKO". There are also slight differences in the shape of the glass. Check out the image below to see how the two compare.


Jason Dornbos

Jason Dornbos

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