Extol named distributor of CEMAS hybrid vibration welding technology in United States and Canada

Zeeland, MI – November 1, 2017 – Extol and CEMAS have reached an agreement that appoints Extol as the sole distributor of CEMAS’s exceptional vibration and hybrid vibration welding machines in the United States and Canada. Effective today, customers in the US and Canada will be able to purchase from CEMAS’s wide selection of vibration welding machines through Extol. In addition, Extol will build and provide tooling, stock and supply spare parts, and offer service and support.

“We are thrilled about this new agreement,” said Randy Antaya, CEO of Extol, Inc. “Medical filtration and automotive interiors and underhood customers will receive the best equipment in vibration as well as local service and support. We are particularly excited to be adding clean ‘vibe’ technology to our portfolio of innovative products that solve plastics joining challenges.”

This agreement comes less than eight months after CEMAS was named as the sole distributor of Extol’s InfraStake technology in Europe and South America. Through the strategic alignment between Extol and CEMAS, more customers have access to locally-supported, innovative technology.

“This agreement deepens Extol’s partnership with CEMAS,” added Antaya, “Our two companies offer complementary technologies and operate under similar philosophies of quality, customer service, and innovation.”

“We are very proud of this agreement,” declared Michele Perlo, CEO of CEMAS Elettra, “This partnership will allow us to offer an unmatched service to our customers in terms of competence and quality. CEMAS and Extol work in the same field, thermoplastic industry, but they developed different joining applications that allowed us to mature a different and complementary experience. This agreement will be a great occasion to improve, from both sides, know-how and experience.”

To learn more about hybrid vibration welding, visit extolinc.com/vibration-welding.

About Extol, Inc.: Extol is an engineering and innovation company that improves the way plastic products are made. They work with their customers to develop a robust product and process solution through prototyping and testing. They also provide production equipment to meet their customers’ unique needs and then support that equipment globally.

Please visit extolinc.com to learn about how Extol improves the way plastic products are made.

About CEMAS ELETTRA: CEMAS ELETTRA is one of the largest companies in Europe experienced in DESIGNING and MANUFACTURING equipment to weld thermoplastic materials. They provide the most advanced technologies by studying proprietary solutions, constantly looking for the highest quality and the best services.

Please visit cemaselettra.com to learn about how CEMAS works to be your partner in plastic joining.

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