Staking tightly spaced plastic bosses

May 10, 2021 nanoSTAKE

Staking tightly spaced plastic bosses together is easy with nanoSTAKE. Extol’s grouped configurations make it possible.

nanoSTAKE grouped configuration

A grouped configuration combines up to 6 modules on one actuator so that each individual nanoSTAKE point can be spaced closer together. In this configuration, nanoSTAKE modules move together as a group and share the same measurement from a common position sensor.

nanoSTAKE grouped configuration with cylinder retractednanoSTAKE grouped configuration with cylinder extended

nanoSTAKE grouped configuration cylinder closeup

In this example grouped configuration, there are 18 stake points in a tiny 11 x 119 mm area.

nanoSTAKE grouped configuration showing 18 stake points in small area

The revolutionary nanoSTAKE technology was designed to fit into tight spaces without sacrificing process control or stake quality. Learn more about nanoSTAKE and how it can benefit your next staking application.

Jason Dornbos

Jason Dornbos

Jason is a mechanical engineer with valuable experience in hands-on plastics joining experimentation. He's a passionate problem-solver and communicator. He also challenges anyone to a game of foosball.