Laser Welding Reflections

Humans have been fascinated by reflections for millennia. Narcissus was bewitched by his reflection in a pool of water and mirrors have magic powers in fairy tales. Speaking of mirrors, they are simply smooth surfaces with shiny, dark backgrounds that reflect very well. In addition to glass mirrors, polished and sometimes coated metal also reflects light very well.

Using mirrors in laser plastic welding is an innovative way to direct the light waves to weld ribs that might be otherwise impossible to reach without either moving the part or the laser source.

Cylindrical parts can be efficiently welded using a single laser source from a conventional 2D scanner. Rather than directing the beam at the exterior of the round weld rib and rotating the part, the mirror can be designed to reflect the laser beam into the stationary cylindrical part. The efficiency of the reflective surface is high enough that there is minimal need for an increase in wattage. A good practice for designing cylindrical parts for laser welding is an interference fit at the weld rib. 0.1% - 0.2% of interference in the part diameter is a good design rule of thumb.


Another use of mirrors to optimize the quasi-simultaneous laser welding process is for undercuts or obstructed sections of the weld rib. Using specialized software, we can engineer the path the laser beam takes to penetrate the weld rib from the 2D scanner source. This same software helps design the mirrors that reflect the laser beam to areas of the geometry that otherwise couldn't be penetrated by the laser directly.

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