New IS32 InfraStake module delivers lower lifetime cost

The new IS32 InfraStake module is Extol’s latest development in InfraStake technology. In combination with the new InfraStake Integration Software, the new module reduces lifetime operating costs by reducing maintenance. Numerous improvements have been made which work together to make the process more time efficient and less expensive for customers.

New Concentrator and Reflector Design

IS32 Snap Button

The reflective surface geometries of the concentrator and reflector have been reengineered to optimize the process and more efficiently transfer IR energy to the plastic boss; this produces fast and even heating. The new design also allows for easier, faster, and more thorough cleaning of the reflective surfaces. The concentrator and the reflector can now be easily removed by pushing a single snap button. One push and both the components slide off the module, no tools required. Better yet, the punch and lamp assembly are no longer connected to the reflector, so they can remain in the module when the reflector is removed. All of these changes have cut the time required for cleaning by four!

New Lamp Assembly Design

In addition to easier and faster cleaning, the process of lamp replacement with the new module is now less expensive and no longer requires a new lamp holder to replace the lamp. The IS125 and IS32 modules use the same halogen lamp. When a lamp change is required for the IS125, a new lamp assembly, consisting of a lamp and holder, is required. The reflector must be disassembled from the punch and two screws, which attach the lamp assembly to the reflector, have to be removed. The new IS32 requires no screws to disassemble and the lamp can be changed independently from the lamp holder. This improvement decreased the lamp changeover time by more than 2 minutes.

  IS125 IS32
Cleaning Reflective Surfaces 4 minutes 60 seconds
Lamp Change 3 minutes 40 seconds

Learn how to replace the lamp on an IS32 InfraStake module.

New Processing Assistant

Lastly, the built-in Processing Assistant feature of the new InfraStake Integration Software uses a question-based processing algorithm to help users set up, optimize, and troubleshoot the InfraStake process. The Processing Assistant allows even a beginner to create an optimized process using only their observations. Optimized processes mean wider process windows and less cleaning. Even inexperienced users can use the Processing Assistant to adjust the process over time without having to guess and check.

In summary, the new IS32 module and InfraStake Integration Software work together to reduce maintenance and lower the overall lifetime cost of the InfraStake technology.

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