3D-printed TPU comes to Extol

Extol now has the capability of 3D printing components out of TPU material using HP’s Multi Jet Fusion process. The ability to print strong, homogeneous structures in TPU is a game-changer over other printing technologies. Extol’s Digital Development Center now can print parts out of both PA12 and TPU.   

The new material is BASF’s ULTRASINT™ TPU and it is softer and much more flexible than PA12 allowing for a whole new category of possibilities. The flexible and elastic material can be used for applications like lattice structures, energy absorption, bellows, ducts, seals, wearable components, and many more. Of course, with digital manufacturing, all applications can be uniquely customized to fit your specific needs. 

With the addition of TPU, HP’s MJF process has progressed from rigid components and added elastic and flexible options. And their open-source platform allows for faster material development that will continue to move the industry forward. To get 3D-printed TPU on your next project, get in contact with us. Use the contact form below to get in touch!

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