EXTOL Celebrates 30 Years


Zeeland, MI – Since 1985, Extol has worked alongside world-class customers to improve assembly methods through creative engineering concepts and high-quality equipment solutions. Ross Van Klompenberg began his business by building tooling and custom assembly machines in his garage for local automotive parts suppliers and office furniture manufacturers. As the demands for high quality and clever assembly solutions grew so did the workload for Van Klompenberg who quickly roped his younger brother, Chip Van Klompenberg, into the family business.

The company has expanded from two hard-working Dutchmen to over 80 employees nationwide. Today, Extol is a recognized manufacturer of exceptional, standard plastics-joining equipment (hot-plate welders, infrared staking and welding, spin welders, and adjustable work stations) and custom assembly equipment. Extol customers have come to appreciate the high level of support and expertise Extol delivers in plastics-joining processes, from a product’s initial concept to pre-production part runs. An Applications Lab supports Extol customers with a variety of consultative services including feasibility testing, design for assembly recommendations, prototype assembly, and pre-production part runs.

Through a variety of challenging opportunities, Extol has developed numerous innovative processes and proprietary product solutions. Extol was recognized by Automotive News with a PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence) Honorable Mention Award in 2009 for their innovative and patented InfraWeld® process which harnesses infrared energy to join plastics together. In November, 2014, Extol was the toolmaker responsible for helping Ford Motor Co. win the SPE 2014 Automotive Innovation Award on their ‘active glove box’, safety system. Extol has been instrumental in numerous high-profile projects in the automotive, life sciences, and consumer product markets. All Extol products are proudly made in the USA, then sold and serviced around the globe.

The Van Klompenberg brothers operate on Christian principles. The company’s name comes from Psalm 34:1, “I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.” Even the company logo is a stylized cross. In the center of the cross are five squares which represent Extol’s five focus areas: employees, customers, new opportunities, financial stewardship, and refining internal processes. A sixth square which encompasses all of the others is Extol’s “Significant Impact” initiative. Extol uses their resources, profits, and willing skills and efforts of their employees to help those in need.

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