New Concentrator and Reflector for InfraStake


The InfraStake process is a method of staking that utilizes radiation heat transfer from focused infrared energy. For more information on InfraStake, please click here.

Reflective Components

Two components are used to focus the infrared energy in an InfraStake module, the reflector and the concentrator. The reflector is positioned behind the infrared lamp and directs the energy downward. The concentrator collects the energy and redirects it at the plastic boss, focusing it.

Optimized Design

Extol has recently developed a new reflector and concentrator combination to be used with the InfraStake ISM20 module. The newly improved components are the 6R reflector and the 7.1 mm concentrator. This combination optimizes the internal reflector and concentrator geometries to reduce the overall required heat time. Comparison testing of the improved combination showed a significant reduction in the heat time required to stake a variety of colors and materials.


Testing Results

Black-Test-Plaque-e1496922104613-1The results of the testing are summarized in the table below. The testing was completed using test plaques with a 0.13” x 0.19” solid boss and 0.06” thick white nylon washer test plaques. The process parameters were optimized for each color and material. Some of the materials tested showed more than a 40% reduction in heat time. These testing results demonstrate a substantial reduction in the overall heat time for the enhanced reflector and concentrator combination. The overall average reduction in heat time was 31%.



Heat Time Reduction (s)

Heat Time Reduction

Average Heat Time Reduction

Black PP 1.0 31% 25%
ABS 0.8 21%
PA6 GF30 1.9 24%
Gray PP 1.0 37% 27%
ABS 1.0 29%
PA6 GF30 1.2 17%
Natural PP 4.0 44% 40%
ABS 6.5 46%
PA6 GF30 3.5 28%

Future Plans

Extol’s new reflector and concentration combination is now available for purchase to be used in conjunction with the ISM20 module. This combination will be used for all new and prospective projects. However, the previous 22R reflector and 7 mm concentrator will remain available for existing equipment as spare parts.

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