Why does Extol have an Integration Support division?

Why does Extol have an Integration Support division? To support integrators of innovative, Extol technology.

What is Integration Support?

Integration Support is a separate division of Extol that is devoted to supporting integrators. This dedicated team works with machine builders to create an integration package that will meet the end‑user’s specific needs. When it is time to purchase the integration components, the Integration Support team carefully assembles the package and supports the customer as they integrate the technology into the machine they are building.

Engineering and Innovation

The integrator gets the best of both worlds through our Integration Support division; they get the engineering and innovation that Extol is known for and a separate, dedicated support team focused on them.

Separated for Confidentiality

The team is purposely separated from the rest of Extol to ensure confidentiality of every project. Integrators don’t need to worry. Their opportunity is safe within the Integration Support division and won’t be shared with Extol.

Sales and Support

Integration Support comes alongside the machine builder to ensure the best outcome for the integrator and the end‑user. “Machine builders have different needs than typical customers, explains Casey House, Technical Sales and Support Manager of Integration Support. “It is very important that we not only understand those needs but also support these customers with excellence. Having a team dedicated to machine builders ensures we are doing our very best to make sure they have all the support they need when purchasing and integrating Extol’s products.”

Check out the integration support website to learn how to get started on your next project.

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